As work has progressed since 2017 under a growing array of MDERP grants and initiatives, the anticipated costs for completing all essential planning, design and implementation work as part of the comprehensive Dam removal effort have come into sharper focus.

In 2020, updated cost estimates were compiled and shared for use as inputs into a third-party report on the Job and Stimulus Benefits of Matilija Dam RemovalThis compilation indicated that total anticipated Project costs had grown to more than $180 million, with additional updates to follow.

In 2022 a more intensive review by VCPWA-WP of all remaining MDERP costs concluded that approximately $190 million will be needed from 2023-2029 to get the Project “shovel ready” for sediment release by 2030. Then – once the initial sediment release has taken place – another $40+ million will be needed to cover the costs of Dam removal, site restoration and stewardship over the ensuing 5-10 years.

Year-by-year funding requirements 2023-2030+ are summarized in the chart below. These estimates will continue to evolve as design plans are finalized and implementation details take shape. Note that the combined total of more than $230 million is in addition to all MDERP funding secured to-date, including more than $4 million awarded by SCC and WCB in February 2023 – see Grants and Requests for more information.